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Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Superhero movie soundtracks are good for background music. Check the movies you have in your own collection, libraries, friends and neighbors. Also – you could play a movie on your television or computer and have the screen turned off, so there is a “soundtrack” of sorts. Here are some suggestions when choosing your soundtrack music – you’ll want to do what you can to play soundtracks that your guests will recognize, you can burn your own CD collection of different songs from different movies. Play the music low enough so that regular conversations can still take place.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: You can find superhero posters at many department stores and online and they can be relatively inexpensive. If you are having a general superhero party, consider the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Incredible Hulk and X-Men. Check out the store clearance section for the best deals. However, larger chain video stores (e.g. Blockbuster, Hollywood Video) receive a great many more posters than they can hang in their stores. Speak to the manager about taking some that they might throw out. If you can get a half-dozen posters, you can cover quite a bit of wall space, and your location will look like it has a wall of fame. The posters can be good give away prizes during your event, or they can be parting gifts for guests or the guest of honor.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: If you have a guest of honor, you might get a picture of her and blow it up to poster size. Then her photo can be alongside the other superheroes on the wall of fame. Similarly, you could take a color copy of his face and tape it to another superhero’s body – or to his favorite superhero’s body on a poster. This can also be done (much cleaner) in Photoshop if you or someone you know has the skills with the software.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: Hang a large map of the world showing "where there's trouble." Usually these are in the lairs for the superheroes to see where they are needed.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: To make a villain's lair - consider using black light bulbs and fluorescent paint. (also known as ultraviolet light and phosphorescent paint, respectively.) Not fluorescent colors, but actual fluorescent paints. Magic shops and stage and lighting companies carry fluorescent paints. The paints are usually sold in small sized cans. Paint words on signs, paint bats on the walls if you’re going for a cave, or perhaps the symbols of the superheroes if you’ve got more than one on the roster for your event. If you are particularly ambitious, you could paint disposable plates, picture frames, whatever might look neat under the blacklight. You’ll need your lamp close to the area that’s painted, so you may not want to paint too many items.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: Hand copy or photocopy images of heroes from coloring books or you can download and print out images. Glue them on cardstock or print directly on the cardstock and hang them from the ceiling with rope, ribbon, paper clip chains – whatever motif might fit your particular hero.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: Make a cave entrance for your hidden superhero base or villain’s lair. Get brown postal wrapping paper at an office supply or mailing store. Crumple it up. Now you should have “strips” of wrinkled paper you can bunch together and stick to the walls along the doorways. Use looped packaging tape (test a small area to make sure the tape won’t take paint off the walls) or you can use poster tack, if your paper isn’t too heavy. If you don’t have to worry about the walls, you could use push-pins in various points of the paper, and then just ensure your wrinkles cover up the tacks.

Super Hero Theme Party Decorating Ideas #8: Create a city skyline in your home or party area. You can get large sheets of cardboard and paint them black, or get solid black wrapping paper. For the cardboard, try finding large appliance boxes at a nearby store, and then you can cut the box apart. Or if you’ve recently moved, you can cut your moving boxes apart, and then tape sections together. Create sections of different lengths and then mount them side by side on the wall to create the skyline. You can string white holiday lights around the outline of the buildings. Or if you string a line along the bottom of your skyline, it will look like streetlights of the city. If you are patient, you could push the lights through the back of the paper to give the appearance of the window lights of the buildings.

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