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Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Try creating an invitation that looks like a call for help – it could be an urgent letter from the President, or the director of the C.I.A. – asking them to attend the party to save the day.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Deliver invitations as a newspaper headline, or in a manila envelope with a large red stamp marked “URGENT.” If you have a specific superhero party, you can use specific villains as the threat. For instance, “The Jokerä escapes from local holding cell” or perhaps have a message from Metropolis asking for help dealing with Lex Luthorä.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: Make an old-fashioned “ransom note” invitation using individual letters cut out from magazines and newspaper headlines – date, time, place. If you make one and it seems too arduous to make seven or eight more invitations, you can make color copies to send out.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Invite your guests to come to the Command Center dressed as their favorite superhero – or as their own new hero. You can announce that a new Justice Leagueä is being formed and they are coming to audition – or perhaps that they have been specially selected to be a part of the new team. Have your guests come dressed in costume and then explain their super powers and abilities at the event.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: Print invitations in a comic style using movie images. You can do an “image” search on the Internet – type in the name of the hero you are looking for. You will probably find some great poses. You can often copy and paste many of these into a simple word processing program. Then, you can insert an image of a comic bubble over the picture that says something like, “Hey, are you going to Sally's party this weekend?” If you can’t find an image online, you may be able to use a DVD in your own collection. Check your computer or look online for some simple free software that will allow you to capture a screen image for your invitation. Microsoft Word has a drawing toolbar, go to AutoShapes and Callouts and you’ll have the cartoon bubbles available to put on top of your image.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #6: Send out announcements that you are holding "sidekick auditions" for the theme hero. Perhaps the guests will be training to be a superhero sidekick during your event. You can ask them to dress up to be their favorite superhero's sidekick.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #7: Record someone’s voice with all the party information and mail it on a CD or cassette. Have the invitation come from Commissioner Gordon (for Batman) or any number of Super Heroes that would better fit your specific theme.

Super Hero Theme Party Invitation Ideas #8: Create comic book pages as your invitations (blank comic book sample pages are provided at the end of this packet)

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