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Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #1: Make a target range for webs or other weapons. You can set up small targets, like empty drink bottles or dinner boxes (think macaroni and cheese) on a table. Then give players a can of silly string, a boomerang or a lasso and see if they can knock down the targets. Similarly, you could tape a picture of the villain to the cans or boxes and see if they can “hit” the target with their weapon.

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #2: Create a “dark room” maze that players must get through. Use black or gray streamers and drape them around the room at various heights and lengths – see if the players can walk through the room without touching the streamers. This could be a “danger zone” they have to traverse on the way to the villain’s lair. For younger children you can hang the streamers straight down from the ceiling at different lengths and different distances from each other. They just have to walk through the room or hallway without touching streamers. The hard part is that a breeze will cause the streamers to float and sway. For older guests you could force them to crawl through an area, or create actual barriers of streamers that they have to bend around in some fashion.

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #3: FOR OLDER KIDS – DON’T LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE INITIALLY PLAYING A GAME! Stage an argument or something fun between two people in the room when everyone is present. Make sure that it lasts for at least 15 seconds. Then, once the characters leave, tell them that their powers of observation are about to be tested. This way, they’ll be tested on the NATURAL powers of observation. This can also be done with the display items described in idea 5, but creating a small “scene” is more dramatic for your guests.

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #4: Take a room or other private area and make sure that none of your guests access the room while someone hides several different superhero items (green meteor rocks, different superhero action figures, villain figures, costume pieces, etc.) Explain to the guests that on your mark you will let them enter the room and they are to collect as many items as they can. Assign a different point value to each item (making the smaller, more well-hid items worth more points than the larger, out-in-the-open items.) Once all the items have been found, everyone adds up his points and a winner is determined. HINT: Make sure you know ahead of time how many of each kind of item is hidden so that you will know when to end the game.

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #5: Have a series of secret messages that need to be decoded placed throughout the party. This could also be incorporated into the meal menu or signs you might have posted around the area.

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #6: Here’s another observation game. Purchase two or more copies of the same magazine. Before the event, find specific pictures in the magazine that you’ll use and write down the page number and name of the image on a piece of paper. Choose a magazine that would have images relating to world events (samples might include travel magazines, National Geographic, etc.) Make sure there are lots of pictures (no journals…) Ask your guests to divide into teams – or you can divide them up if that is less stressful. Have each team (five children max) keep their magazine closed until you’ve called out the item and said GO! They will then flip through the pages of the magazine frantically looking for the image you called out. The first team to find the image earns one point. The team with the most points at the end wins. If you have two teams, make sure you have an odd number of items to find to avoid a tie. If your magazines have similar pictures throughout them, you can purchase an additional copy of the magazine and physically cut out the images you want the teams to find. Now you can hold up the image they are looking for and the teams have to find the exact image. You might want to add in the extra difficulty of not allowing the teams to see the image again once their magazines are open. They must use their powers of observation to remember what the image exactly looked like.

Super Hero Theme Party Games And Activities #7: Agility Test – Obstacle course. Make it fun by going beyond the typical tires and cones. Make them crawl under and over things, across balance beams as well. Then, add tasks like delivering a secret message, putting a fake bomb in a pool of water, recovering a data CD or VHS cassette (having them pick one up along the way then dropping it off somewhere else) and throwing a bomb (a water balloon) to test for distance.

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