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Super Hero Theme Party Food Ideas

Super Hero Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Goodie bags or cake decoration – use rock crystal candy. If you buy white crystal, it can represent Superman’s fortress of solitude. If green, it can be Kryptonite. You can put the crystals in small bags and include as gifts in your goodie bags, or you could put them on top of a cake as a scene for action figures.

Super Hero Theme Party Food Ideas #2: If you have a cake pan in the shape of a superhero, you can make some punch or fruit drink and put about an inch of the punch in the bottom of the pan. Freeze the punch in the pan, and you can use that as your ice for your punch bowl. Since it’s not ice, it won’t water down the drink.

Super Hero Theme Party Food Ideas #3: Make a bomb cake! Bake a standard 9” round cake(s) and a cupcake to go with it. Peel the cupcake from any wrapper and place it butted up against the edge of the round. This will act as the ‘nose’ of the bomb, where the fuse would normally go. Now frost the simple round and cupcake together as if they were one cake. If you are so inclined, use a dark or black frosting. You can attach a thin licorice on the nose part of the bomb cake to look like a fuse. Put the candles in a bundle on the cupcake – as if they are the lighter, ready to be blown out. You can also write the words ‘Birthday Blast’ on the bomb. Since this cake is small, you can make several, making sure the one blowing out the candles will have to ‘diffuse’ several bombs. For those with access to fireworks stores, sparklers look GREAT for fuses!  

Super Hero Theme Party Food Ideas #4: You could also make individual bomb cakes if you frost cupcakes and put thin licorice strings on each cake as fuses.

Super Hero Theme Party Food Ideas #5: Even if your cake doesn’t LOOK like a bomb, you can still turn it into one! Cut some electrical wire (with the colored rubber insulation) into varying sizes (10”-24”). For shaping, coil them around a rolling pin. Finally, insert the two ends of each wire into different parts of the cake. If you have one handy (or find one at your local thrift store), place an alarm clock right in the middle of the wires (with one end of each wire stuck into the cake below the clock.) If you use different colored wires (the colors of the insulation) you could have the guest of honor cut the wire of your choice to diffuse the bomb cake (hand them a pair of wire cutters). This could also be worked into a game where the guests learn which wire they are to cut in order to make sure the bomb does not detonate. If you can find different colored licorice strings, these might work better for your event.

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