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Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Visit a large library and check out old maps selections (you’ll probably have to go to their Reference Section.) These maps can be photocopied there, then blown up onto very large sheets of paper (2’ x 3’) at your local copy center. When you blow them up from a smaller original, they might get a little ‘grainy’ – which might even improve its look (depending on your own preference.) These look FANTASTIC and can be hung just about anywhere. Look for some maps of Transylvania (modern day Romania) – they look great hanging on your walls!

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: Of course, it might go without saying to utilize candles and open fires to illuminate your event. If lighting is an issue, try using very low wattage bulbs instead.

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: Flowers are full of life and look great as centerpieces at parties…but not vampire parties. Instead, try using DEAD flowers, instead. These are easy to procure (I can do it without even trying…just see my home…) If this isn’t quite the look you’re looking for, visit your local dollar store and pick up some fake roses. Poke the stems through some aluminum foil or cardstock all the way up to the bud. Now, spray paint them black (flat black paint works best). These also make for nice, macabre floral centerpieces.  

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: Hang a poster of all the different ways to protect yourself from a vampire. Ways to include are: garlic, holy water, juniper berries, holly, wolfbane and wooden stakes, strings tied in knots (it was believed that vampires are compulsive creatures and can’t resist stopping what they are doing to obsess over untying a knot). In the same way, mustard seeds were carried and sprinkled around so that should a vampire come, they’d compulsively feel the need to pick them all up.

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: Visit your local Wal-Mart or other discount store and check out their light bulb selection (hardware stores are also a great place if you can’t find the colors you need…it’s just that hardware stores, I’ve found, sometimes charge a little more for some reason…) A red lightbulb in the right lamp can really add a lot of ambience to your party where there might otherwise be very few decorations. Play around with it and see what you come up with. Purple is another color to experiment with. For a couple of dollars you can change the feel to an entire room!

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: Using a stencil and black construction paper, cut out numerous sillouettes of bats to hang on the walls and from the ceiling. This is a great activity for pulling in the children to help out.

Vampire Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: For a more Transylvanian village feel, do your best to get your hands on some scrap wood (the wood can be weathered or new, depending on your preference or what is available.) Often times we can look on the sides of our own houses to find a few scraps left over from past projects. This wood is perfect for creating great looking signs. You can either nail a few together or let them stand alone (depending on their sizes and your own uses). With black acrylic paint (or a wide, black, permanent marker) write the names of different structures in town (i.e. blacksmith, church, bakers, livery stable, stagecoach, etc.) By placing these strategically around your event, you can easily create a small Transylvanian village (with the help of other mentioned decorations, as well). With these signs posted in the appropriate places, you can give easy directions as to the exact locations for each of the activities. Simple maps can also be created using the names on the signs. These signs can either be mounted into the ground, nailed to trees, or hung with rope to name only a few options. If you can’t get your hands on any wood, cardboard from brown boxes would also work. Of course, there is also the famous and foreboding “I’d turn back if I were you…”

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