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Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Write your invitations as though Van Helsing, the famous vampire hunter (made renown in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula), were inviting them to a gathering and is currently recruiting volunteers. Make sure that he ‘signs’ each invitation as well. This kind of invitation is ideal for parties with a vampire hunt activity planned for the party.

Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Sprinkle some rose thorns in each invitation envelope before you seal it. Besides makes it romantically dark, it’s known that rose bush thorns were put in coffins to keep the deceased from resurrecting as as a vampire.

Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: For invitations, explain that a party will be held and only the dead need attend. Attach to the invitation (or make it a part of it) an individualized Death Certificate with the invitee's name on it. For further fun, create small newspaper articles/obituaries explaining how each person 'died.'

Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Visit your local scrapbooking store and check out their dye-cut selection. Often times you can find black bats. These are great to take a white or red special marker (also at a scrapbooking store) to write the party information directly on the dye-cut! Quick and easy…and very inexpensive!


Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: If going for a more Ann Rice feel to your vampire party, consider writing part of the invitation message in French or Italian. The decoration on the invitation could also match the language you chose. Of course, keep in mind that it’s probably the best idea to put the necessary information (i.e. the date, time and location) in English (or a language that your guests will all be able to understand)

Vampire Theme Party Invitation Ideas #6: Invite your guests to Count Dracula’s castle. Using some of the ideas listed in the Decorations section, you can transform your party space (or at least party entrance) into an old castle. Taking it a step further, you could even treat it like the popular TV show Ghosthunters where there are paranormal activities going on in the castle. Of course, taking it one step further…make it a sleep over and have things happening in the middle of the night! In the invitations include a phrase like “Who can survive the night?”)

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