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Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas

Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Want to have a toast for your vampire guests? Serve up tomato juice (or red fruit punch with a TINY bit of purple fruit punch…it will change the party/holiday red color to a deeper, somber color - closer to blood.)

Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas #2: A neat little trick is to serve a clear drink (i.e. Sprite, 7-up, sparkling water, etc.) with Kool-aid ice cubes. As the ice cubes melt, their flavor mixes with the drink. Serve the ice cubes separate from the drink and drop them in the glass just before serving (for best results). Nothing like a little blood to get the party started, eh?

Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas #3: Dry ice in the punch bowl…yep, it’s an oldie, but it’s still a goodie. Dry ice can be purchased very cheaply from your local ice supplier (check your yellow pages.) Be very careful when handling it, though, making sure to keep it away from small children. For best results, break the pieces up into smaller pieces…the more surface area that comes in contact with the liquid, the more active the bubbles (and also, however, the more quickly it disappears…)  

Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas #4: Depending on the genre of vampire you are incorporating into your party, consider food from that region. For example, Ann Rice’s novels often take place in/around New Orleans (Cajun food) or Paris (French food). Transylvania is modern day Romania (check out a traditional Romanian food menu), etc.

Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas #5: Make some red Jello gigglers (directions on the box of Jello brand jello.) Basically, you’re using only HALF the water. The result is a very thick jello candy that can be cut into pieces and picked up with your fingers to eat. These look GREAT at a vampire party when they are cut into squares and offered on nice serving trays. As a helpful hint, you’ll need more boxes of the jello mix than you might think to yield enough candy for your guests. Also, make sure you stir THOROUGHLY as with less water, it will take more work to make sure that all of the gelatin is indeed dissolved.

Vampire Theme Party Food Ideas #6: For dessert, you GOTTA do the red velvet cake. For those that haven’t seen it…it looks AMAZING and really can’t be beat for a quick and easy dessert that fits the theme!

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