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Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: DRY ICE!!! Have fun with this one. The best place to find what you need cheaply is through a local ice supplier (check your local phone book.) These look great in small beakers of colored water or in punch bowls. Remember that warm water will create stronger bubbles than colder water.

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: Visit your local discount fabric store and/or keep your eyes open for sales on prints (see their clearance sections, too.) Swags of wizard themed fabric look great hanging from just about anywhere at your party (over doorways, on curtain rods, etc.) Fabric is also a great way to hide ‘modern technology’ like entertainment centers or other furniture items that might be ‘killing’ the wizard mood or feel. Find deep, rich colors such as dark blues, purples and greens (with lots of black) and you’ll find the mood prints that will transform a simple living room into a real wizard’s home! Although cheap plastic tablecloths may be the first thought when trying to go economical, try using the fabric here, as well. Often times you can find $1.00/yd selections that would look AMAZING as a tablecloth!

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: An interesting choice of mood setting for a centerpiece are dead flowers. The best place to land yourself a big supply of dead flowers is by knowing a florist personally. The second best is to introduce yourself to a florist for the sake of asking them for flowers that they intend to throw out :) (the ones that have already wilted to the point of being unable to throw out.) Although it might sounds strange, a nicely arranged vase of dead flowers, along with old books and some spider webs give a great wizard workshop feel. TIP: If you need to ‘kill’ some flowers, put them in the freezer first for a good 6-8 hours. They will look beautifully preserved when you take them out…for a VERY short while. Within hours (depending on the type of flower) as they defrost, they will turn brown.  

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: Do your best to get your hands on some scrap wood (the wood can be weathered or new, depending on your preference or what is available.) Often times we can look on the sides of our own houses to find a few scraps left over from past projects. This wood is perfect for creating great looking signs. You can either nail a few together or let them stand alone (depending on their sizes and your own uses). With black acrylic paint (or a wide, black, permanent marker) write the names of different structures in town (i.e. Workshop, Dungeon, Library, Dragon’s Den, etc.) By placing these strategically around your event, you can easily create a true wizard environment (with the help of other mentioned decorations, as well). With these signs posted in the appropriate places, you can give easy directions as to the exact locations for each of the activities. Simple maps can also be created using the names on the signs (for larger parties held at bigger locations.) These signs can either be mounted into the ground, nailed to trees, or hung with rope to name only a few options. If you can’t get your hands on any wood, cardboard from brown boxes would also work. Budget permitting (as you’ll need a separate black light for each) these look AMAZING when they are painted with the black light paint mentioned above!)

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: For simple, but sturdy party walls, try using PVC pipes and pipe joints (3/4 “ at least) Once you have the pieces that you need, set them up like you would an old erector set. Cover the walls with black tarp sheeting (found at your local hardware supply store in the drop cloth/painting aisle.) This is great for creating walls of any kind – especially for creating an enclosed area for a wizard’s workshop!

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: For an interesting effect, burn an incense stick during the party. These are also fun to give away as party of goodie bags at the end of the party!

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: Hang large, painted balls from the ceiling in a ‘planetary’ fashion. Wizards are very curious about the cosmos and it isn’t uncommon for a wizard to have models of our solar system (or OTHER solar systems) hanging from the ceiling. You can either purchase Styrofoam balls from your local craft store followed up by painting them different colors. You can also create your own by ‘mostly’ blowing up balloons (blowing them to the point just BEFORE they start to grow the ‘nose’) then covering the balloons with tissue paper and liquid starch (completing a few coats before ready to paint.) When you make them it can be extra fun because since they are hollow, you can place different items INSIDE the globes! In this way, you can provide each guest with a globe and gift on their way out! Decorations that work as parting gifts!  

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #8: Hang movie posters from period or wizard themed movies. The obvious choices would be from the Harry Potter series…but don’t forget about others including Dragon Slayer, First Knight, etc. These can be purchased through any number of movie poster companies online (which can in turn be given out as prizes or gifts your guests as they leave.) For a more economical approach, nab them from the Internet and print them out on 8 ½ x 11 sheets of paper for ‘mini’ posters.

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #9: Remember those homemade paper chains that you used to make for Christmas decorations? Well, grab some black (or dark gray) construction paper and make some long strings of it for decorating. They add a GREAT Medieval dungeony feel to your party atmosphere. You can either hang them in a traditional, party streamer fashion or use them in more creative ways such as outlining walls, on walls along hallways or simply hanging straight down from the ceiling (the way REAL chains would hang.) They’re easy to make and kids LOVE to help make them!

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Decorating Ideas #10: Have a hallway of closed doors (i.e. bedrooms leading to the bathroom, or storage rooms not being used)? This is really neat…Buy some white PVC piping at your local discount home supply store. Have them cut the piping (or do it yourself) tall enough to fit INSIDE the door jams when the doors are closed (about 4-5 for each door). Spray paint the pipes a flat black. For an added touch, use some acrylic paint (rusts, beiges, browns) and smear it across the pipes to age them. Prop these poles up in the door jams and VOILA! You have a dungeon! For a touch that will have everyone talking, in a couple of the rooms, have a continuous tape playing by the door of animal sounds.

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