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Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #1: Towards the beginning of the party, provide each party guest with a small blank notebook for them to write down all of their own personal wizardry lessons (including incantations, potion combinations, etc.) Include the notebooks as part of the activities for the party and you have a great parting gifts for your guests! As an additional activity, provide the guests with items to decorate their wizard journals (although keeping in mind that white glue needs time to dry before the books are used…)

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #2: For a quick and easy game, buy a bag of red feathers (check your local craft store) and hide them throughout a specific area. Explain to the guests that your Phoenix is starting to loose its feathers and that there will be a prize for the person who can collect the most!

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #3: Have each party guest come up with and design their own secret wizard’s code. It can be as elaborate or as simple as they want. This can include all different kinds of substitutions for words and letters (i.e. numbers, other letters, pictures and symbols the guests make up themselves.) These are great to put in their wizard notebooks if you’ve chosen to provide these to your guests.


Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #4: Give each child their own mason jar to decorate. Then, take them outside to find flowers, sticks and rocks…the being to create their own fairy habitat so that should they ever find and catch a fairy, they’ll have a home to put them in! In the summer time (depending on where you live) you can also catch fireflies…a great ‘fairy substitute.’

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #5: For those party guests that enjoy a little problem solving, have each one (or groups/teams working together) come up with their own dragon trap. Provide lots of foam core or poster board, along with glue, tape and Popsicle sticks. Give them each 10 minutes to figure out their design, then another 15 to make it. Allow additional time at the end for each person/team to explain to everyone how their trap will work (they don’t have to ACTUALLY work in the demonstration, especially for younger participants.) For added fun, provide an award to each team for their creations – Most Creative, Funniest, Feasible, etc.

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #6: Early on in the party, give each guest an opportunity to decorate their own wand. Provide cut pieces of wooden dowel (most local hobby stores have them in varying sizes.) It’s best to make sure that they are all the same size for the sake of your own sanity when passing them out the party guests. Provide markers, glitter, jewels, feathers, pipe cleaners and anything else you can find to allow the party guests maximum opportunities to express their creativity and to make their own wand personal to them. For older children, allow each to come up with a quick ‘background’ to their wand and explain HOW their wand became enchanted!

Wizard - Harry Potter Theme Party Games And Activities #7: A different approach to arming your guests with wands is to provide them with a healthy source of dried tree branches (of course, the season of the year permitting.) Allow each guest to break off their own wand from a fallen branch. This will yield a more natural and organic look to their wands – and much more traditional.

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