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Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas

An Arabian theme for a party can be very exciting and even exotic to plan. However, it can sometimes difficult to find or come up with decorations that fits this particular theme. That’s alright, though. We can put our creativity caps on with this one…read the following ideas for some simple and inexpensive ways to effectively transform your home or party space into an Arabian fantasy!

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Using larger sheets of cardboard or butcher paper, cut out large archway silhouettes to attach to the tops of doorways and the entrances to hallways. Matching the color (as best as you can) to the color of the walls will be ideal, but not crucial. For visual examples, do a Google search for Islamic archways. The door arches can either be decorated or left plain. If nowhere else, at least the put one at the entrance to your party or event. It’s a simple trick, but will dramatically change the look of the entire room!

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: For a vintage column look (for palaces and larger monuments) consider visiting your local hardware superstore and pick up some sono tubes. They are hollow, but sturdy, and can come in a wide range of sizes. When painted, they look amazing as columns. Two of these flanking your table can give a great ‘old world’ feel. Depending on how you’re approaching the theme, you might also consider placing these by the front door (for a Sultan Palace feel.)  

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: For a more Bedouin feel, pitch a tent at the entrance to your party or even INSIDE your party! Avoid the more modern styles lest it look more like Yellowstone Park. Draped fabric and some twine hung from the ceiling can also create the illusion of a tent, without having to pitch a full tent. If nothing else, you can create a tent entrance feel to the entrance of the party so that guests feel like they are entering a tent when they enter the party.

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: If you plan on using small candles like tea lights, for example, it can be challenging to find enough candle holders. We suggest putting them on small plates, but put sand on the plates, covering them as much as possible. You’d be surprised how wonderful they look, really fitting into the Arabian theme!

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Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: Make a sign at the entrance to your party giving directions where your guests can park their camels. If able, have a wooden ‘hitching post’ of sorts available with some rope dangling down. Although it will be highly doubtful that any of your guests will be arriving via camel, the attention to detail will be appreciated!

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: If you are planning a lot of food, buffet style, consider decorating your food area like an Arabian marketplace. This can be achieved with large basket of fruits and whole loaves of bread displayed as if for sale (with small signs handwritten with the price.) Hanging fabric and garden umbrellas can also help make the food area look like a food cart traditionally found in the rural districts of the Middle East. If available, a couple barrels or wooden crates also look fantastic on both sides of the food table – a great spot to place the plates, napkins and cutlery.

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: Want a couple of palm trees? No problem. Convert one or more of your halogen lamps into one! Wrap the pole with brown paper and tape large palm leaves from green construction paper from the top dish hanging down. Quick and easy and they look great!

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Decorating Ideas #8: If you have access to a Persian rug (or anything that you will be using and CALLING a Persian rug) consider this option…making a MAGIC carpet. Using a few well placed cinder blocks and a sheet of plywood, you can create a small, raised platform on which you can set the carpet to seem like it is hovering above the ground. This is great for reading stories from (especially if you’re a genie!) This is also a special place for the guest of honor (i.e. birthday girl/boy) to open their presents. If you are hard pressed to find an appropriate looking rug or carpet, consider a quick visit to your local fabric store and pick up a few yards of material with some Middle Eastern designs (a great time to use those Joann’s Fabrics 40% off a single item coupons we often get in the mail…)

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