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Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Invitations Ideas

Whether you’re going for more of a Prince of Persia slant or Aladdin, it can be difficult to find all of the party supplies that you might need for your party within an Arabian theme. Finding the right party invitations is no exception. Below are some ideas for creating your own invitations that will get your guests excited for your party before it even begins.

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Invitations Ideas #1: Visit your local fabric store and purchase a yard of some Persian print material. Cut the material into squares and with a Sharpie marker, write the details of the party on the fabric itself. These can then be rolled up (like parchment paper would be) and tied with a ribbon or tasseled rope. It’s like giving a mini Persian rug as the invitation! If you are planning on mailing them, they fit nicely folded in an envelope

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Invitations Ideas #2: For a more personalized look, use a gold pen (found at your local craft store) to write the details on your invitations. Test out the pen on different papers first to ensure readability. These pens can also be used to outline larger images for a more Arabian illuminated manuscript look

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Invitations Ideas #3: Disguise your invitations as letters or royal invitations from the Sultan of the region. In the return address portion of the envelope, put an address that is appropriate for where the Sultan is from (i.e. NOT putting your actual return address as that information will likely be inside on the invitation itself with the party information if need be). Have the Sultan’s signature on each invitation as a final touch. These proclamations/invitations can then be rolled up and tied with sheer fabric strips.


Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Invitations Ideas #4: Invitations in bottles! Although a bit tricky (as will mention) these can be a VERY fun way to invite friends to your Arabian theme party or event. Check your local craft store for small bottles inexpensive enough to use for invitations. Stores like Hobby Lobby are great for placing these on sale for 50% off every so often, so check weekly for their most recent sales. Print the party invitation on parchment paper (or regular paper using the aging techniques described elsewhere in the INVITATIONS section) and roll them VERY tightly, fastening them with a rubber band (to keep the paper from loosening once it’s dropped into the bottle. ) The rolled paper WITH rubber band must EASILY drop into the bottle or else the invitation will be very difficult to get out for your party guests. Once inside (and you’ve tested to make sure the invite slides out easily), place the cork on the bottle and you’re ready to go! For added fun, consider pouring sand inside the bottle half concealing the paper inside (or COMPLETELY concealing!)

Learn to Play Arabian Bingo - NEW RULES - PLAY ARABIAN STYLE!!!


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Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Invitations Ideas #5: Make invitations from post cards. Either that, or make your invitations to LOOK like exotic postcards – utilizing exotic photos found on the Internet and printed out. You could also check out your local library…most have a table of free publications (usually with lots of National Geographic magazines). Peruse them for topics and photos on the ancient Middle East.

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