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Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Games

The stories of Aladdin, genies and the cave of the 40 Thieves bring thoughts of excitement and adventure. Bring some of that fun into your party through some great interactive games for your guests to play. Even if you feel that your guests might shy away from playing a game or two, don’t underestimate how just one game played early on can get everyone loosened up and out of themselves for the duration of the party!

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Games #1: This is a great game no matter what the age of the participants. Find several copies of the EXACT same book at your local library. Ask your librarian for options on reserving copies from other branches that they might co-op with. The number of books you are able to get your hands on will determine how many teams you’ll be able to have. Of course, you could always purchase multiple copies of the same book at your local bookstore, but this is obviously the costlier way to go (although, having the extra books can be fun parting gifts for your guests!) Divide the participants in groups no larger than three, each equipped with their own copy of the book. When everyone is ready, call out an item (from a list you’ve prepared ahead of time) that can be found inside the book. Make sure everyone hears the image before you say ‘Go!’ No one is to open their book until you say ‘Go’ – however, when you do, each team is to frantically storm through the book looking for the image. For example, you might call out images such as “a monkey with a red hat” or “A palm tree with two coconuts.” It takes a couple of items to get everyone warmed up…but you’ll find that it won’t take long before you’ll hear things like “Oh, wait! I remember seeing that somewhere in the back” or “I’m not sure where, but it’s on one of the pages in the upper right corner” as the players get more familiar with the book. This can also be played with a magazine –with an Arabian themed article (National Geographic, etc.)

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Games #2: Create an Arabian themed obstacle course! There are a lot of different ways to design and facilitate one, but here are some ideas to get you going:

o Time the race for each participant, best time wins. HOWEVER, you can get creative with time bonuses and penalties. For example, have certain skill tasks that they have to complete along the route. For example, perhaps they have to run to a basketball hoop and take one shot from the free throw line, then move on. If they MAKE the shot, they get five seconds taken from their overall time. Penalties work in the same way – perhaps part of the course involves walking across a 2×4 board on the ground and each time they fall off five seconds are ADDED to their time.


o If only boys will be participating, explain that the winner of the competition will get to marry the princess and become Sultan over all the land.

o Theme out each station to the Arabian theme. For example, if you have them walk across a 2×4 board, put a couple of inflatable alligators on both sides of the board with a sign saying “Alligator Infested Waters”. If you plan on them knocking down cups with a nerf gun off a fence, tape images of evil genies to each cup. You get the idea.

o For added difficulty, make them wear something that must stay on the entire time they are running through the course (i.e. a fez hat for boys, a veil for girls, etc.) If the item falls off, they must stop to replace the item before they can continue. For a harsher penalty, you could make them start over if the item falls off. This also makes it more fun for everyone to watch as guests run through the course.

Learn to Play Arabian Bingo - NEW RULES - PLAY ARABIAN STYLE!!!


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Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Games #3: Look up online or check out a book in the library on how to say a few common words in Arabic: Yes, No, Please and Thanks, etc. Of course it’s always best to ask someone who speaks the language to get the proper pronunciation, it’s not entirely necessary to play the game. Provide these words and translations for each of your guests and explain that the English versions of these four words are not to be used (either for a specified period of time or for the duration of the party/event.) Additionally, arm each guest with three markers (coins, skull rings, etc.) If a guest uses one of the four English words in any way (even in casual conversation) the first other guest to notice gets to ask for one of the ‘violators’ markers. At the end of the specified time, the guest who collected to most markers wins.

Arabian / Aladdin Theme Party Games #4: If you’ve planned several games and activities where a winner will be announced, crown that person the Sultan of the party. This is also a great honor/title to give the guest of honor of the party, such as the birthday girl/boy

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Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - Antiqued First Page
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Antiqued First Page

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