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Hollywood Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Hurray for Hollywood! Whether it’s for an Academy Awards Night party, birthday party or just because party, a Hollywood theme is always fun! With some many different Hollywood personalities, movies and decades/eras to choose from, there are a great many different directions you can go with the decorating. Here are some fun ideas to help make your party guests feel like STARS!

A red carpet can be achieved in a couple of ways. Teacher supply stores often offer different colors of butcher paper. Some even allow you to purchase different colors by the foot. These are the perfect width and easily create a disposable carpet for your party. If buying by the foot, be sure to measure how long you’ll need it first (allowing a few extra feet in case your measurements were a little off.) The same can also be achieved with solid wrapping paper. Some party supply stores offer the same kind of service with different colors of wrapping paper. Although this would work as an alternative, the paper is of a lighter stock and will rip easily under the feet of your guests – it’s a great look, but won’t last long (at least not as long as the butcher paper.) A final suggestion is a role of the table cloth plastic. This can be sturdy, but can run a little bit expensive depending on where you get it. Of course, this can all be done with fabric (but this would be the most expensive route to go – start with the dollar section of JoAnn’s and Wal-Mart.) This is a great place to have someone stationed dressed like a reporter taking pictures of your guests as they arrive. These pictures look great as part of the thank you cards you might be sending out.

Shining stars make great decorations. You can purchase them at your local party supply store (gold or silver) or you can make your own by cutting out stars from sheets of cardboard and covering them with aluminum foil. Some craft stores even sell metallic gold and silver sheets of poster board. Check around to see what you can find.

Create your own film real decorations. Cut lots of squares from gray sheets of paper (or other colors if you’ve chosen a color scheme for your party/event) approximately 2” wide/tall. Staple the squares approximately one half inches apart from each other along a black streamer roll. What you’ll end up with is a great looking movie roll film! This is a fun activity that the children can get involved in as well!


Make and hang well known street signs from Hollywood. Some to consider are Hollywood, Vine, Wilshire, Sepulveda, Coal Canyon, Rodeo Drive, Sunset, etc.

For a truly magnificent movie roll decoration, from the Internet, nab a bunch of pictures of scenes from different well known movies (see Idea #3 above for doing this part.) Print out each scene on a standard 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper (make every effort to make each picture the exact same size – be sure to either choose horizontal OR vertical but NOT both.) Take a roll of black butcher paper and cut it 13” wide (and however long you’d like it depending on the number of pictures you’ve printed) if you chose vertical and 10 ½” if you chose horizontal. Now, glue/staple/tape each of the pictures to the roll of paper you’ve cut one inch apart from each other. In doing so, you will create a long film strip that you can hang on a long wall. If you really want to go for it, add two inches to your black paper and glue 1” white squares to the top and bottom of the roll…creating the ‘holes’ that feed the film through the projector!

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