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Hollywood Theme Party Games and Activities

What’s great about planning a party with a Hollywood theme is that Hollywood is KNOWN for its parties! Stars have been coming together for wild and crazy parties since the dawn of the cinema. Have a great time preparing your party invitations to get your guests excited about the party beforehand with some of these fun Hollywood theme party invitation ideas.

Movie posters make great front covers for your invitations. The graphic for them can be found by visiting a couple movie poster websites and ‘nabbing’ the image by either right click/cutting and pasting or by right clicking/Save Picture As. You can also simply enter the movie title in the IMAGES search window as described in Idea #3 in the Decorations and Atmosphere section.

Decorate your homemade invitation like a movie ticket to your favorite movie. You could make the ticket from a well known theater (i.e. AMC) or your could create your own name based on the guest of honor or location of your event. Make the ‘show time’ the starting time of the party. Save a movie stub from your next trip to the movie theater to use as a model. For the edges of the tickets visit your local scrapbooking store for different types of scissors (or ask your local scrapbooking friend J )You could also instruct your guests to bring their ‘tickets’ so that they can be admitted to the ‘movie’ party you have planned. Of course, make sure someone is at the door to rip their ticket!  

In the invitations, don’t just invite them to a party…invite them to a cast premier party, The Academy Awards Ceremony, the Cannes Film Festival, a Hollywood Hills private party (where only movie stars are invited) or private screening of a new movie! Set the excitement level high from the beginning!

If you’ve purchased popcorn bags as part of your decorations or food, use some of the extras as envelopes for your invitations! Simply put your invitation inside and seal shut with tape. This is especially nice when accompanied with the movie ticket invitation idea above.

Purchase some newspapers and remove the theater/show sections. Write your party information (either simply on a white sheet of paper or by getting creative with it and disguising it like a movie advertisement.) Glue the paper on a sheet of newspaper and fold it up. Poof! A fun invitation waiting to be unfolded by your party guest. The same can also be done with celebrity tabloids (i.e. National Enquirer, People Magazine, etc.)

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