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Hollywood Theme Party Games and Activities

Planning a Hollywood theme party and looking for some fun ideas in the games and activities department? Here are some easy and fun ideas to include to keep your guests loving the Hollywood theme!

For children, nab three images of scenes from different well known movies. You can either choose three scenes from the same movie or scenes from three different movies. Make copies of each page – enough for each participant to have one. Now, group the pages in stacks of three (so that each stack has one of each of the three scenes.) At this time you should have enough stacks for each game participant. Now, cut each page into 12 pieces and put all 36 pieces (the three pages x 12 pieces each) into a sandwich sized baggie. Give each bag to a child and explain that when you say GO they must each open their baggies and put the three puzzles together. The tricky part is that they won’t readily know which pieces go with which picture. You can vary the difficulty level by changing the number of pieces you cut the images into (just be sure to keep the number of pieces per picture the same lest they’ll be able to identify which piece goes with which picture based solely on the relative size of the pieces themselves.) If you stack the three sheets of paper on top of each other when you cut out the pieces, you’ll have identical shapes for each puzzle, making it even more challenging.

On separate sheets of 8 ½ x 11 white paper, trace each guest’s foot (one at a time so that other guests can’t see them as you trace.) Once you have them all, line them all up on the floor like Mann’s Chinese Theater and allow your guests to guess which shoe outline belongs to which guest.

Have an Elvis Sighting Contest. Instead of stars, hide images of Elvis. On each of the photos write a single word – one that a guest would only know if they actually found the photo. For those that want to make this more playful, make sure all of the words are different kinds of fattening foods (as the old joke that Elvis was known for putting on some weight in his later years.)


Test your guests’ powers of observation by handing different teams of 2-3 a copy of the same celebrity magazine (People, tabloids, etc.) Ahead of time, find specific pictures in the magazine and write down their page numbers on a separate piece of paper. Have each team keep their magazine closed until you’ve called out the item and said GO! They will then flip through the pages of the magazine frantically looking for the image you called out. The first team to find the image earns one point. The team with the most points at the end wins. If you have two teams, make sure you have an odd number of items so that you can avoid a tie. If your magazines have similar pictures throughout, purchase an additional copy of the magazine and physically cut out the images you want the teams to find so that they can see exactly what it is that they are looking for. Same as before, have each team close their magazine, you then hold up the cut out image. Once each team has seen the image, say GO and let the race begin. You might want to add in the extra difficulty of not allowing the teams to see the image again once their magazines are open. They must use their powers of observation to remember what the image exactly looked like. It may take a little time to find the first couple of items, however after a few rounds the participants will have become familiar with different sections of the magazine and will begin recalling seeing certain items.

Act out a scene from your favorite movie. Online companies offer scripts to tons of movies – you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something you like. Gather ahead of time any props and costume pieces necessary for the scene. When your guests arrive, cast the parts from those guests that want to participate. Try to choose a scene where there are lots of ‘extras’ (non-speaking parts) so that even those guests that don’t feel comfortable ‘acting’ can still participate. Allow time to practice and rehearse, then film it with a video camera. If you have too many guests, you could break them up into two different groups, allowing each to do a different scene (or the same scene, if you so choose.) At the conclusion of the party, serve popcorn and let your guests watch themselves on the big screen! Copies of these make great gifts to give as ‘thank yous.’ You could also do a variation of this by filming a silent movie!

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