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Hollywood Theme Party Food Ideas

A Hollywood theme is probably one of the most fun themes to work with simply because there are so many different accessible aspects to the theme itself. One can play of the city of Hollywood, the different personalities or any of the movies that come out of Hollywood. Have a great time playing with these different aspects of the Hollywood theme in your food choice and presentation with some of these fun ideas.

For some VERY simple Hollywood theme cakes, make a bunch of 9”, single layer cakes. They are already perfectly round and make fantastic movie reels! Use an image found online as a model to pipe frosting on for the spokes of the reel.

Print out a movie still from your favorite movie on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. Attach two straws (or wooden skewers if you have them) to the two sides of the paper to create a ‘drive in movie screen’ look. This can then be pushed into your cake like it’s your cake is the movie theater! Arrange a bunch of matchbox cars around the cake, all facing the movie as though the drivers are having a great time watching the flick! Those with access to a bunch of legos can easily convert this idea into an indoor theater by making a bunch of theater seats from the legos and arranging them in a theater-like fashion.  

Turn a regular rectangle cake into a bag of popcorn. Frost the cake white first. Then, using piped red frosting, decorate the cake to simulate a bag of popcorn. As a final touch, make sure to put a bunch of popped popcorn at the open end of your ‘bag’ to simulate the popcorn overflowing out of the cake popcorn bag!

By placing small foil wrapped candy (i.e. chocolate kisses, coins, etc.) you can achieve a lighted marquee look. This is especially handy if you don’t have much time to fuss with the cake. Simply write your message on a blank cake (preferably a neon color such as a lime green or hot pink) and place the foiled candies around the outer edge!

For some fun snacks, take OREO cookies and turn them into movie reels! With a little white piped icing, put five reel spokes and a small circle in the center for the ‘hole.’ These are great fun to have setting out at your party or as cake decorations! This can also be turned into a fun activity for the children to decorate, then eat!

Make an effort to serve some food from movie titles (i.e. Fried Green Tomatoes, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Chocolat, etc.) We actually have an annual Academy Awards Night Party and have turned it into a potluck meal with everyone bringing a dish from a different movie – and prizes awarded. Some of the best included How the West Was Won-Tons, Mystic Pizza and Reese’s from E.T.)

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