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Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas

Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #1: Use black crepe paper/party streamers in a criss-cross fashion as to simulate the netted rope ladders leading up the mast of a ship. The number of squares across and tall would depend on the location for the decoration. Attach the corners of the two top ends to the ceiling and connect the other two corners (allowing slack to droop) to an adjacent wall. This looks especially nice behind a buffet table. As a tip, use a stapler for each junction of the netting, not tape. Tape (especially on crepe paper) has a tendency to reflect off of the nearest light source, cheapening the effect.

Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #2: For a tropical island feel, get your hands on some fallen palm tree fronds. Now, I understand that many might have a difficult time finding some, depending on where you live, but here in Southern California, where I live, they are everywhere. Ask around your office and circle of friends – I guarantee they’ll want to get rid of those things! Once you have as many as you can get, place them over an outside patio, an UNLIT chandelier over the food table, the entranceway roof (draping down), or wherever you feel would look the best.  

Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #3: See what kind of rope you might have in your garage (or friends’ garages…) – the dirtier and more worn, the better. These look great hanging in a ‘rigging’ fashion. Look at some pictures of some old pirate ships to get a peek at what type of positioning you’d need to pull off the right look. HINT: When asking around for rope, be careful of what you ask for….a lot of people have that bright yellow, coarse rope…not exactly the right look….

Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #4: A word about fog machines…In the right place, they can be VERY effective. Contact your local stage and lighting company for local rates and available products for rental. HINT: If you’d like a thick fog, make sure that you get some PEA SOUP liquid (they make different kinds). The usual liquid they offer dissipates rather quickly. Fog looks great – especially at the entrance. It could be from a local bay or perhaps smoke from battling ships…

Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #5: Weather permitting, tiki torches are a great way to set the mood in an outdoor setting. Even if your event is to be held entirely indoors, a few lit torches on the outside entrance look fantastic – especially at dusk. These can be usually purchased at a Wal-Mart or most garden centers.

  Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #6: Anyone you know have some old, rotted wood lying around the yard? Take the splintered scraps and lay them around the yard in a ‘shipwreck’ fashion. Additionally, these wood scraps make EXCELLENT signs. Get some black paint and write, rather slapdash, the words for needed signs for your party or event. As an added touch, buy some red, black-light paint at your local stage and lighting company and have it illuminated with a good black light. Of course, this would only work in a darker setting, but the effect is incredible!

Pirate Theme Party Decorating Ideas #7: Dig a hole in the dirt and plant a shovel in the pile of dirt from the hole. Place an old trunk (or not if the chest has been stolen…), some strewn bottles, a lantern, a map, maybe even a sword or two, around in a staged manner. This scene really looks great when lit by torches at dusk – especially if it is placed right at the entrance to your party/event.

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Pirate Skull on Antiqued Paper - Great for a treasure hunt or party invitations!

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