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Pirate Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Pirate Theme Party Invitation Ideas #1: Provide a clue for a treasure hunt in the invitations that you send out. The guests must bring the invitations with them to solve the treasure hunt. Different guests could have different clues on their invitations, inviting alliances to take place within the party in order to find the treasure.

Pirate Theme Party Invitation Ideas #2: Providing some other symbol on the invitations is also a great way to divide the guests into teams. (i.e. “Everyone with a parrot in the upper right corner of their invitations are one team…Everyone with a…” etc.)

Pirate Theme Party Invitation Ideas #3: Photocopy the invitations on single sided sheets of parchment paper (is cheaper to buy your own paper at a paper supply warehouse and take it to a self serve copier store). Invitations can be rolled up and tied with ribbon, torn material, or (my personal favorite) coarse rope twine. Then, place the invitations inside brown beer bottles (water bottles also work).

Pirate Theme Party Invitation Ideas #4: Just about any font (style of writing) can be downloaded free off the internet. Have a little fun while you browse.

Pirate Theme Party Invitation Ideas #5: Decorate the invitation like an issue from an old port newsletter or gazette. Some of the articles might be fun and fictitious, while the other (main one) would include all the details for the party

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