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Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas

Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas #1: Serve a plate full of chicken legs that must be eaten with their hands and for kids try blue koolaid instead of red (for adults, mix some drinks with blue curacao)

Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas #2: A neat little trick (that works especially well with kids) is to serve a clear drink (i.e. Sprite, 7-up, sparkling water, etc.) with koolaid ice cubes. As the ice cubes melt, their flavor mixes with the drink. You can serve several colors together in a bowl as ‘jewels’ so that your guests can choose which cubes they’d like for their drinks, or offer only red and say that it is shark’s/whale’s blood.

Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas #3: Design a treasure map a top the cake. Where the X is, hide treasure underneath as described above – for the guest of honor. Crush up graham crackers to use as sand.

Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas #4: Serve oranges and other citrus fruit to prevent scurvy and gold foiled Hershey kisses make nice ‘treasures’ and serve a bowl of chocolate covered malt balls and label the bowl ‘Cannonballs.’

Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas #5: Make a bowl of blue jello. However, before the jello has had time to completely set, place gummy fish and a treasure chest inside. Then, allow it to finish setting. I tried once serving it in a fish bowl, however the connection to an actual fish bowl was too much, making the dish unappetizing to my guests (don’t try this at home…)

Pirate Theme Party Food Ideas #6: You can purchase actual alligator, octopus and squid at large grocery stores. This can be a lot of fun, just be sensitive to your guests.

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