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Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #1: Provide an adventure for your participants…not just a treasure hunt. Come up with a storyline to drive your hunt. Was the treasure they are looking for stolen from another crew of pirates who are now looking for it, too? Was someone kidnapped along with the treasure being stolen? Have fun coming up with some side-plots to help drive your hunt.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #2: As part of the adventure, allow the participants to free a pirate that is in a dungeon (see the how to make a dungeon cell in the Decorations section). Once that pirate is freed, he could offer information to help the participants in their hunt.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #3: Why not actually bury a treasure chest in a sandbox (elementary schools if on the weekend). JUST MAKE SURE THAT NOT A SINGLE KID SEES YOU DO IT!!! It will be far too irresistible for them to dig it up for themselves once you’ve gone. I am definitely speaking from experience on this one.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #4: Find every spare key you can find (you know, all those keys you save but you’ve forgotten where they go to…). Then ask friends and family to do the same. Finally, purchase a cheap lock with it’s own key (make sure that it is NOT a combination lock). Now you can send your guests out looking for different keys, each hidden in a different location. However, only one key will open the lock on the chest. That way skill and LUCK are involved.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #5: Put helium balloons inside the treasure chest so that when it is opened, the balloons rise out suddenly. It looks great!

Have the participants sneak up on a sleeping pirate to steal a clue or map from him – without waking him.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #6: Purchase a small 12 piece puzzle and place your own image on top. Then, with a hobby razor blade cut the pieces out again. These pieces can be used to find the treasure.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #7: If your participants can’t read (i.e. small children) you photos as clues rather than words. Another option is to have an adult pirate go with them to guide the children throughout the hunt.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Theme Party Ideas #8: They make giant foam floor puzzle squares that link together. Use these as pieces of a large map. When you do, though, it’s probably best if the overall shape of the map is not the usual square or rectangle. Otherwise, it might be too easy to assemble the pieces. You can decide that based on the guest list.

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