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Pirate Theme Party Games

Pirate Theme Party Games #1: As you divide the kids into different teams, explain to them that they must first form different crews. Allow each crew to come up with their own name and the name of their ship.

Pirate Theme Party Games #2: Put a ‘Black Spot’ on a few different pieces of small paper and roll them up. Then, roll up several more of those same pieces of paper that are blank. Place each piece of paper inside a balloon, then inflate each balloon. Explain to the kids that each balloon is a bomb. The winners are the ones that can find a Black Spot by detonating the bombs (sitting on them, jumping on them, whatever way they choose to pop the balloon). Have everyone stand on the outer rim of the pile of ‘bombs’, then announce “Go!” while each kid frantically begins taking balloons and popping them, hoping that they find a Black Spot. This is not only a blast to play (no pun intended)…but a heck of a lot of fun to watch, as well.

Pirate Theme Party Games #3: Play Musical Islands. It’s similar to Musical Chairs, but with a twist. Cut out different islands from butcher paper or poster board. Then, place the islands half-hazardly throughout the playing area, NOT IN A CIRCLE. Put some islands close together while some are far away from all the rest. Play the music and have the kids still walk in a circle. However, when the music stops, finding an open island is bit more challenging. For older kids, but a ‘2’ or ‘3’ on a couple of the larger islands signifying how many kids can occupy that particular island.  

Pirate Theme Party Games #4: Play black bomb hot potato. Keep the rules of hot potato, but pass around a softball that has been painted black. Whoever is holding the bomb when the music stops, is out.

Pirate Theme Party Games #5: Using pirate hooks purchased at costume stores, make a game where the kids have to pick up necklaces, pretzels or large rings from a treasure chest. You could set the rules to be the fastest time for collecting one of each object or a prize for the one who hooks the most in 15 seconds.

Pirate Theme Party Games #6: Get a small kiddie pool and fill it with water. Make small ships from paper plates by attaching drinking straw masts and tissue sails. Give each kid three black painted ping pong balls and allow them to throw the ‘cannon balls’ into the pool, trying to land one in one of the bowls, ‘sinking the ship.’ Another variation on this (for older kids) is to replace the ping pong balls with small stones. A hit will actually sink one of the bowls. Misses will just knock them over. When using the larger stones, make sure the children are not too far from the pool, otherwise you might get a few ‘wild throws.’

Pirate Theme Party Games #7: If you have a large playing area (park, elementary school, etc.) and the group size is relatively small, send them on a group treasure hunt. Hide a coin in plain view for the group to find. Then, tell them that another coin is somewhere within 20 feet of that coin. Once they find that second coin, they must find a third coin that is within 20 feet of that second one, and so on. This will lead the group traveling over a potentially large area. This one is great because it is a game that everyone can participate in at the same time and one where everyone wins.

Pirate Theme Party Games #8: If you have access to a jungle gym (the bigger the better) have the group split up into groups of 4-6, making sure that each team has the same number of ‘crew members.’ Ahead of time, string yarn throughout the playground, weaving in and out of the toys. Make sure that there is one different color yarn for each crew. Next, tie each crew member to each other by their wrists, forming a single line. When you say go, each team must follow their string, ‘navigating through the rough seas’ to reach their final destination. This sounds much easier than it turns out to be as the kids realize that even simple actions like crawling under a bar can be difficult when EVERYONE must do it together.

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Pirate Skull on Antiqued Paper - Great for a treasure hunt or party invitations!

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